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Die Lösung für die Sicherung von Oldtimern GPS Tracker

How can I protect my valued possession – GPS Tracker

According to statistics from the German Insurance Association (GDV), an average of two cars are stolen in Germany every hour.

Those figures are a concern for classic car owners. We’re talking here about the theft of modern vehicles equipped with modern technology. Unfortunately, our vintage classics were never fitted with much in the way of security systems at the factory. Some of them don’t even have a steering lock. This makes them an easy target for thieves.

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Hitzeprobleme im Mercedes-Benz Oldtimer sind passé

Say goodbye to overheating

Many customers call us during the first hot days of summer and complain that their Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is stuttering or even stalling. This is due to an overheating problem that we are very familiar with: high temperatures in the summer, traffic jams, etc. cause the temperature of the water in the radiator to rise to 90-95°C. The entire system then heats up. The manifold also radiates heat, which rises directly below the carburettor. This causes the fuel in the carburettor float chamber to boil, adding air bubbles to the fuel entering the jets and preventing the systems from working properly. The engine will begin stuttering or even stop altogether.

The only thing you can do about this is to wait and hope for the best once the system has cooled down.

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The end of the year is nigh…

What a brilliant year-end we had at the Retro Classic Bavaria in Nuremberg! Last week, the whole team worked tirelessly and meticulously on this beautiful 190 SL with an original matching set of luggage that we took to the show. And our efforts were rewarded with a trophy. We are very proud of our SL and would like to thank the Retro Classic Bavaria jury for this award.

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Pflege - Wie Sie Ihren Oldtimer am besten schützen

Taking care of your car – what should you be doing?

The same topic rears its head every year whenever it’s time to put our classic vehicles away for the winter: what should you do to your treasured possession to make sure that you can confidently drive it out of the garage next year as soon as the first signs of good weather appear?

Firstly, we have to say that, regardless of how many miles you do, bring your car for a service. The only way of ensuring that your vehicle is reliable and in good condition is to have it serviced regularly. We believe that a service in the autumn often makes more sense than in the spring because fresh oil provides optimum protection from the aggressive acids present in combustion residues that attack the metal and seals in your engine, especially when it has been left standing for some time. As the 190SL instruction manual says: “Only the best lubricants are good enough for your car.”
The right grade and the right viscosity are important. Dirt in the oil can damage bearings and cylinder liners”.
So, do your car a favour and use 20W50 motor oil for a car like the 190 SL. We don’t want to go into too much detail here, but a lubrication service, fluid change and fluid level check means less to worry about later when you take your car back onto the road. These also maintain the system, especially when it’s garaged over the winter.

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