Safety belts

Today’s drivers are so used to buckling up that it can be quite liberating not to have to do this when you step into a Mercedes-Benz 190SL. On the other hand, it makes many people uneasy, as they see it as a safety defect. We’ve been installing safety belts for a number of years. Our main concern is, of course, vehicle safety, but we also don’t want to do anything to detract from the fabulous appearance of this vehicle. This is why we offer a number of different options for you to choose from.

  • Safety belts and headrests can be installed in vehicles undergoing restoration or whose interiors are being renovated. We recommend this option only under these circumstances, as it is otherwise very difficult to match the new leather of the headrests with the leather in the rest of the car. Headrests cushion the head and spine in the event of an impact, of course, but they also drastically alter the outline of the vehicle and the modification cannot be reversed if the customer changes his mind, because the seat backs have to be specially modified to accept the headrests.
  • Lap belts offer the most elegant solution. We have these in several colours, which you can choose to match your car. The belts are expertly attached to the bodywork. A plus point that will please some purists is that the belts are practically invisible if they are stored under the seats when the vehicle is parked.
  • The combination of lap belts with disc brakes on the front axle offers the next step up in terms of safety. Both of these complement each other very well. Disc brakes reduce braking distances compared with drum brakes. But they also improve the overall braking performance of the car, which is certainly valuable in tight situations. In combination with lap belts, this offers a sensible solution to coping with the demands of modern traffic. As both modifications are reversible, there is no need to worry about a reduction in value from a loss of originality. Check out our blog to read our article on converting to disc brakes on the front axle.

We would be happy to discuss your individual vehicle and discuss the various possibilities with you personally or by telephone. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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