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Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days

A charged and healthy battery is essential for the start of the season.
HOOTS remote battery monitoring is an innovative solution that aims to monitor the condition of vehicle batteries using modern technologies such as apps and the cloud. This monitoring is particularly important for classic and high-quality vehicles that are stored for long periods of time.

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Data in Ampere, Volt, Temperature & Humidity

HOOTS WLAN Battery-Guard as Battery-Monitoring with Bluetooth, Cloud, WiFi and Measuring-Shunt.

With HOOTS BATTERY – the innovative Battery-Monitor and WLAN Battery-Guard you can monitor your 6V – 12V – 24V – 36V vehicle batteries remotely via battery app or on your PC/desktop.

HOOTS Innovations : Battery-Monitoring and WLAN connection with BATTERY CLOUD as well as power consumption measurement in amperes. Automatic limit warning by email and freely adjustable parameters. Ideal as a battery sensor and battery computer.

HOOTS BATTERY App : You can connect to HOOTS BATTERY on your vehicle via Bluetooth and use it as a LIVE battery tester or WiFi Battery Monitor for deep discharge protection.

WiFi: Connect HOOTS BATTERY to one or multiple WiFi networks to enable remote monitoring as a battery monitor.

HOOTS Cloud Storage : Battery data is available retrospectively for 3 months on your desktop PC or smartphone free of charge.

Scope of delivery
 : 1x HOOTS BATTERY battery monitor without additional accessories | App for iOS & Android

Note: Depending on the battery installed or the space in the engine compartment/boot, adapters may be necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information on installation or accessories!



How is HOOTS BATTERY installed?

HOOTS BATTERY is installed between the ground terminal (negative terminal) of the battery and the ground point (black/brown ground cable) on the vehicle.
In addition, a cable is attached to the positive pole of the battery using a cable lug. Suitable mounting material and optional connection options can be purchased in the shop.

IMPORTANT: HOOTS BATTERY must be installed in front of a circuit breaker / main switch and be permanently connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery.


Which batteries is HOOTS BATTERY approved for?

For all vehicle batteries from 6V, 12V to 24V. Both lead, Gel, or AGM batteries can be monitored. Li-ION batteries can alsobe monitored.


Monitoring the battery charger / maintenance device with HOOTS:

HOOTS BATTERY also works with a connected battery charger or battery maintenance device such as CTEK. You can safely monitor the battery charging process (volts, amps, temperature) remotely via WiFi or monitor/control the charger on the vehicle via Bluetooth.


Can I also use HOOTS Battery with a circuit breaker / main switch?

HOOTS BATTERY also works with circuit breaker / main switch. However, the circuit breaker must be connected after the HOOTS BATTERY system. As long as HOOTS BATTERY has a direct connection to the negative and positive poles of the battery, you can continue to use it. Measure battery voltage (volts), device temperature and humidity even with the circuit breaker flipped.


Can the HOOTS Battery also be connected to the high-voltage network of an electric vehicle?

No, commissioning in the high-voltage electrical system is expressly not possible and will result in damage to the battery monitor and possibly a defect in the vehicle.


Can I use HOOTS BATTERY with built-in battery terminal clamps or clamp clamps?

As long as HOOTS BATTERY has a direct connection to the negative and positive poles of the battery, you can continue to use it. Measure battery voltage (volts), device temperature and humidity. We recommend using circuit breakers/main switches for this.