We share our passion for automobiles:

Rockenfeller & Pflüger insures more than 900 vehicles every year. As a leading Allianz agency, Rockenfeller & Pflüger knows what is important when it comes to insuring your vehicle.

Automobiles in a wide variety of colors and shapes, both historic and modern, regardless of their price category. We are delighted to have ARS AD VIAM on board in the neighboring building, a partner who shares our passion for automobiles.


With BELFOR, you receive all renovation measures from a single source. Always with one goal in mind: those affected should be able to resume their normal lives or production as quickly as possible - almost as if the damage had never happened.

COMCO Classic Car Leasing - where timeless elegance meets tailor-made financing solutions. With many years of expertise and a keen understanding of the needs of classic and vintage car enthusiasts COMCO Leasing makes it possible to finance high-quality vehicles in a flexible and attractive way.

Flexigel® tire protectors - Specially developed and patented technology. Suitable for classic or modern sports cars. The Flexigel® filling adapts perfectly to the tire profile and distributes the tire pressure evenly - comfortable protection against flat tires.

Our partner for all aspects of vehicle preparation, polishing and wrapping. With Glanzwerk87, we have an experienced professional at our side who can give all vehicles - from classic cars and modern classics to super sports cars - a wonderful shine.

With GSGroup Deutschland GmbH, we have a strong partner at our side when it comes to safety. With its fleet management via GPS tracker, GSGroup Deutschland GmbH offers you a wonderful solution for always keeping an eye on your vehicle.

HOOTS BATTERY supports us as a partner at WALLNERWERK with innovative remote battery monitoring for vehicle and fleet storage.

At Lionheart Media GmbH, everything revolves around the topic of individual content, new ideas and suitable strategies. We are delighted to have the Lionheart Media GmbH team at our side as a strong partner in the field of social media.