Restoration is the act of returning something that has changed over time to its former condition.


Would you like to be involved with your restoration right from the beginning and decide exactly what work should be carried out? We have several vehicles in a variety of conditions, ready to be restored in your choice of colour, leather and technical specification.


Do you own a vehicle in need of restoration and would like a single specialist to handle the complete job? Nothing makes us happier than a rusty car. That kind of project is an ideal way of showing just what we can do. The people who work for us are not just restoration specialists; they are thinkers, stylists, designers, optimists, car mechanics, panel beaters and rust killers.

Part restorations

Have you already started work on restoring your car but are finding it difficult to make progress? We’ll help you establish what still needs to be done so that you can complete your dream.
Rouven Genz
owner and managing director
"We’re here to provide support on everything related to Mercedes-Benz classic cars."


We have over 40 years of expertise in the restoration of Mercedes-Benz classics
Turning a barn find into a showpiece takes many hours of work, a high level of skill and a lot of care and attention.

At WALLNER Classic we have everything you need to make the most of your classic car because we know that the more faithfully a vehicle is restored to its original condition the more valuable and unique it will be in the future. When carrying out a complete restoration, we dismantle the vehicle into all of its components before carrying out a full diagnosis. We remove the engine and anything else we find under what is usually a rusty bonnet: doors, gearbox, axles, wheels, bumpers, etc.

We also dismantle the entire interior: the door assemblies and side windows, panels, dashboard (incl. all instruments), switches, seats, convertible top mechanism, carpets – until we get down to the bare metal. Once we’ve dismantled the car, we strip the paint and remove all the rust.
Our aim is to meticulously preserve as much of the original as possible.
This is when the task of bringing the vehicle back to its “original” condition begins in earnest. We carefully remove all the damaged or rusted parts, fabricate and weld in new metal panels. Then we apply a zinc coating, sand and paint. To ensure that the bodywork gets an authentic finish, we consult original documents showing genuine colour combinations and advise the customer on the choices available. Before reuniting the body and engine, we carry out a thorough engine test on a specially built engine test rig. Meanwhile, we clean, overhaul and test all the other components ready for installation.

While all this is happening, the skilled fingers in our in-house upholstery shop are busy producing seats, carpets, leather-trimmed door panels, and complete soft top and tonneau covers. Matching the colours of the exterior to the leather and the soft top is a very important part of creating the perfect classic car. To simplify your decision, we provide a wide selection of paint colour samples along with samples of the types of leather used by Mercedes-Benz during the year of manufacture.

Before we start work, we draw up a plan and discuss it with the customer. We follow the principles of craft manufacturing, with all services required being assigned to specific specialists in our team. At WALLNER Classic, we aim to complete a full restoration in under a year.

When all the pieces of the puzzle, no matter how small, have finally been precisely assembled, the result is what every customer expects from WALLNER Classic: years of driving and ownership pleasure from a faithfully restored Mercedes-Benz classic car. A car that not only impresses on the outside but one that also has the right “internal values” that you’ll appreciate every time you take it for a spin.

Our company is registered with the Bavarian Chamber of Commerce and certified by the Motoring Guild of Upper Bavaria as a specialist workshop for historical vehicles.
Our workshop-team restores vehicles with expertise, dedication and attention to detail. We turn different models and model series of Mercedes-Benz classic cars back into real eye-catchers. In our specialist workshop, we are also experts in all aspects of the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL, whereby our aim is always to combine technology and driving pleasure.
Especially with classic vehicles there are a few things to bear in mind and we have summarized a few tips for you here on how you can become a happy 190 SL owner too.
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