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We have also developed various optimization solutions for your classic car that have a positive effect on drivability, safety and everyday use. Our particular focus here is always on retaining the original driving experience.
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Conversion to disc brakes

The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL came with drum brakes as standard equipment. We know from years of experience that nearly every W121 driver has experienced an unpleasant event that has highlighted the limitations of this braking system in modern traffic.

We have a solution for this: conversion of the disc brakes on the front axle.
Conversion Kit

Say goodbye to overheating with our carburettor mounting kit

It’s a common problem. The presence of leaks in the carburettor system can cause rough engine performance, excessively high idling, uneven acceleration, stalling under partial load and cutting out completely when braking.
These are all typical signs of an erratic fuel/air mixture. If the wrong air is drawn in – regardless of its source – the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber becomes too lean and gives rise to these issues.
Carburettor mounting kit

Uprated starter motor

The starter motor works really hard in the Mercedes-Benz 190SL.
It certainly has its hands full, especially when the car has been standing for a long period or when the engine is very hot. It's probably also getting on in years and is hardly in the first flush of youth. Its windings are unlikely to be in great condition, and if its brushes are also worn out, it won't turn the engine as quickly as it used to.

It's becoming more and more difficult to repair these starter motors due to the cost and/or unavailability of spare parts.
Uprated starter motor

Heat problems solved

Many customers call us during the first hot days of summer and complain that their Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is stuttering or even stalling. This is due to an overheating problem that we are very familiar with. High temperatures in the summer, traffic jams, etc. cause the temperature of the water in the radiator to rise to 90-95°C. The manifold also radiates heat, which rises directly below the carburettor. This causes the fuel in the carburettor float chamber to boil, adding air bubbles to the fuel entering the jets and preventing the systems from working properly.
Heat problems solved

Interval control for windshield wipers

Mercedes-Benz 190SL drivers are doubtless familiar with the shortcomings of the windscreen wipers when driving in light rain: you're continually having to use one hand to operate the switch. It's hard to drive like that for any distance. What you don't want, however, is another switch on the dashboard. Not only does it not look great, but it's not authentic.

There is a solution, and that is to fit a relay, activated by the windscreen washer foot pump that you'll find in nearly every W121 in the top left of the footwell next to the dipswitch.
Interval control

Contactless ignition distributor

The Mercedes-Benz 190SL W121 used seven different types of distributor. None of them is available anymore.
The remedy here is a contactless ignition distributor. The adjustment range is exactly that of the original distributor. Installation is easy.

We stock these contactless distributors for 4- and 6- cylinder engines. The 190 SL, Ponton, Pagoden, Adenauer and many W111s can be converted to use it.
Contactless distributor

Increased power for the 190SL engine

For all those who would like some more horsepower in their 190SL, our in-house developed engine is the answer. The car looks no different from the outside; the extra muscle lurks under the bonnet.
It’s a sad fact that has been proven many times on the test bench: the standard 121 921 engine in the 190 SL does not meet its factory specification of 105 hp / 77kW. Its real power is generally between 86 and 89PS.
If you’d like your car to have a little more power, we build an engine with a 5-bearing crankshaft.
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Short throw gear shift

If you’ve been dealing with a vehicle as long as we have, you’ll have had the pleasure of meeting many motorsport enthusiasts. You talk a lot about different vehicles and take part in many petrolhead discussions. Here, we always keep getting asked one particular question: how can you make the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL a bit more of a performance car and less of a cruiser? Our answer: in addition to our popular racing engine and the thrilling sound of a sports exhaust system, try a short shifting movement.
Short throw gear shift

Installation of safety belts

With modern road traffic and also the obligation to wear seat belts, the demand for safety also increased. Of course, we are allowed to drive in a 190SL without seat belts, just like back then. But some people feel uncomfortable and want more safety for passenger and driver. For these reasons, we have been installing seat belts in different versions in our customers' SLs for a long time.
We have two variants: Lap belts or three-point belts with retrofitted head restraints.
Safety belts


In the past, some have already had to witness how vehicles disappeared without a trace from underground garages or at classic car events. Pagoda, W111, R107 or 190 SL, the type does not matter. But what to do? Not everyone is lucky enough to have his sweetheart so close to him, although even in your own house garage you are not immune to theft.
We have been dealing with this issue for quite some time and have tested a lot. In the meantime, we have found a system that has convinced us and that is also practical in daily life.
We will be happy to provide you with further information about the articles. You can also find some of the products in our online store.
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