Purchase/sales consulting

Your reliable partner - not only for restoration and service.

Purchase Consulting

Have you just purchased a classic car with the three-pronged star or are you considering doing so? If you'd like to make an appointment to bring it over, we'd be happy to put it on one of our ramps and take a look at it. We can also help you register it and arrange for suitable insurance.

Comission sales

Would you like to sell your Mercedes-Benz classic car but are not keen on receiving lots of calls on your personal phone, letting potential buyers know where you live or the address of your garage? We'll gladly take care of all this for you. We'll display your vehicle in our sales area, advertise it through the right channels and manage the selling process on your behalf.

Vehicle search

Are you looking for a particular Mercedes-Benz model? In our 40 years in the business, we have made contacts all over the world and would be delighted to help you in your search.

we look forward to hearing from you!

Please arrange for a personal meeting at WALLNERWERK, where we’ll be happy to provide you with further information and answer your questions.

From our showroom

Welcome to our two-level showroom, where an extensive collection of vehicles awaits you, including timeless Mercedes-Benz classics and a selection of other exclusive marques. Your next prized possession might already be here – waiting to be discovered.
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