Oil catch plate


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days

The oil drip tray protects the base from leaking oil and can be used like an oil mat.

  • made of aluminum
  • no sharp edges
  • leaking oil can be easily removed from the smooth surface with a paper towel
  • suitable for all vehicles
  • dimensions approx. 59x39x1,9cm or approx. 115x40x2cm


Dimension approx. 59x39x1,9cm : 24,99 €

Dimension approx. 115x40x2cm : 54,99 €

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Drip plate oil drip tray aluminum floor protector.

Classic cars, vintage cars and two-wheelers often lose some oil during storage. The aluminum oil drip trays protect the floor from leaking oil.
It is possible to remove the leaking oil from the smooth surface easily with a paper towel, for this purpose push the drip tray under the vehicle and you are done! The drip tray is therefore to be used like an oil mat, but cleaner in handling and easy to clean.