Tire Shoes


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days

A set of tire shoes made of rubber granulate = 4 pieces

Prevents a stand plates with longer periods of time of your vehicle, for example, over the winter.

Its size and the weight of 6 kilograms ensure that the reifenschuh does not slip away and remain in its position.

Excellent for sports car and vintage cars.

Made of Pu-bound rubber granulate.

Made in Germany.

Available in three different sizes:

Tire Shoes 185er – 18 Inch: Suitable up to 18 inches tires and a width up to 185er.

Tire shoes 385 – 18 inch: Suitable for 18 inch tires and a width up to 385 mm.

Tire shoes 385 – 17-22 inch: Suitable for 17-22 inch tires and a width up to 385.

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In the past, you bucked up the vehicles over the winter. The wishbones go to zero in the fall and the rubber stops crumble over the winter. Pity about all the work that goes with it.

It is also easier and faster: Meanwhile, there are these reifenschuhe made of PU-bonded rubber granules, which protect against stand plates and are very pleasant to use, since you only have to position them properly to then drive on the car. It is best to check the tire pressure again beforehand and adjust it to the default values.

To drive over with flattened ramps in front and behind. Due to the special features of this design, the reifenschuh adapts to the tire – and not vice versa. A special pressing process makes this possible.

The tire shoes are softer at the rounded (the support surface) than the ramps. So the different diameters of the tires can be considered. The tire “embeds” itself in the reifenschuh and gets a much larger “footprint”.