Tyre protector – Flexigel® Tyre Care


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days

Protect your vehicle and tyres from a imbalance.

1 set (4 pieces) Tyre protectors Flexigel® Tyre Care

  • reduces lateral forces & tensions in the bodywork caused by a transverse shift of the vehicle
  • relieves the suspension and bearings
  • thermal insulation: protects the surface of the tyres against cold or heat while on the stand-plate
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Protect your vehicle and tyres from a imbalance.


The convenient solution for optimal tyre protection. Keeping your vehicle ready to drive at all times!

It doesn’t take long for driving pleasure to be spoiled by an imbalance in the tyres. Using Flexigel® tyre chusions can easily prevent this problem.

FTC tyre cushions reduce flat spots on the tyres. Equal distribution of the vehicle weight relieves the strain on the tyres, as the tyre protector provides ideal seating thanks to the special Flexigel® filling, which optimally adapts to the tyre shape.

They are ideal for all vehicles, such as seasonal vehicles, sports cars, vintage cars, motorcycles or RVs. Place easily and conventiently in front of the tyre, drive onto them, and you’re done!


load capacity: up to 2.5 tons

Dimensions: Outside: approx. 40 x 44 cm; Stand space tyre: approx. 36 x 29 cm

for tyre width: up to 345mm