Heat Protection Tape


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 working days
(7,99 / 1 m)

Fiberglass heat protection tape on the exhaust manifold to reduce heat radiation to the carburetors.

Length: 10m, width: 50mm, thickness: 1.5mm
Temperature resistance: up to 550 ° C
6x metal cable ties (20cm) included incl. Installation recommendation Recommended installation

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We have had good experiences with the heat protection band on the exhaust manifold. The heat protection tape is wrapped tightly around the exhaust manifold, preventing it from radiating to the carburetors. For installation, the air intake pipe must be dismantled. It is easier, if the carburetors are also dismantled. After installation and the first test drive you realize that the engine is quieter. The tape not only prevents heat radiation, but also acts as sound insulation.

Exhaust Manifold Fiberglass Heat Protection Band Exhaust Tape Heat Protection Black

The heat protection tape was developed to keep the heat of the exhaust gases inside the exhaust pipes. It is an absolute novelty in the market. This product is made from a high temperature resistant fiberglass composite material, which is impregnated with a protective layer to increase the heat resistance and durability of the material. Easy winding and fastening.

-Very simple application;
-High-quality high-temperature insulation, long life;
– Nontoxic, harmless, no negative impact on the environment;
-With a good low-temperature and high-temperature strength;
-This tape has a direct heat resistance of about 260 ° C, an indirect heat resistance of about 550 ° C and a moment heat resistance of 1350 ° C.

Technical specifications:
Heat protection tape Material: fiberglass
Length: 10m
Wide: 50mm
Temperature resistance: up to 550 ° C
Heat protection tape Color: black (light blue)

1 x heat protection tape 10 meters
6 x metal cable ties (20cm)

Note before installation: Use gloves and wet the tape.