Workshop „Saison-Closing“

Dear automobile enthusiasts,

After many beautiful tours in hopefully the best weather and temperatures, many face the same challenge every fall: the right preparation for winter storage of the classic car. In our workshop on “vehicle maintenance and storage”, we will take a closer look at the points you should always bear in mind and the steps you should never forget during winter storage.

Vehicle maintenance and storage – Our Workshop “Saison-Closing” – 19.10.2024

When? Saturday, 19.10.2024 at 9.30 a.m.

Where? In our WALLNERWERK (Gewerbepark 8d, 85646 Anzing)

What? After the registering and a little refreshment with coffee, pretzels etc., we are ready to start:

In addition to tips and tricks on vehicle storage and the end of the season, our three-hour workshop will also cover vehicle washing and polishing. Here we first take a look at the steps of correct vehicle washing, before looking at the art of vehicle polishing using a before and after example. But of course technology will also play a role and we will show a few technical details of a Mercedes-Benz classic on our lifting platform.

Your would like to take part in our “Season Closing” workshop? We look forward to your registrations via our registration form! (Limited number of places available – please note that your registration is only valid with our registration confirmation).

You can find the conditions of participation for our “Season Closing” workshop here.

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