HOOTS remote battery monitoring – more safety and control

A charged and healthy battery is essential for the start of the season.
HOOTS remote battery monitoring is an innovative solution that aims to monitor the condition of vehicle batteries using modern technologies such as apps and the cloud. This monitoring is particularly important for classic and high-quality vehicles that are stored for long periods of time.


Transmission paths: WLAN and Bluetooth

The HOOTS BATTERY and VOLTAGE system uses WLAN and Bluetooth as transmission paths to collect data from the vehicle batteries and transmit it to a central cloud platform.
WLAN offers a stable and long-range connection that enables data to be transmitted over long distances within the storage facility.
Bluetooth is mainly used for short-range communication, especially for direct LIVE interactions between the monitoring system and the user’s smartphone or tablet via an app.
This combination enables flexible and reliable data transmission.

Generated values: current, voltage, temperature, humidity

HOOTS BATTERY measures critical parameters such as current in amperes, voltage in volts, temperature and humidity.
These values are decisive to understanding the health of the battery and the environmental conditions.

  • Current (amperes) and voltage (volts) provide information about the charging capacity and performance of the battery. (The current (in amperes) is only measured with the permanently installed product HOOTS BATTERY.)
  • Temperature and humidity are important environmental variables that can affect the service life and efficiency of the battery.

Necessity of monitoring

For classic and high-quality vehicles in storage, constant knowledge of these values is essential for several reasons:

  • Optimal storage conditions: Ensuring that batteries are stored in ideal conditions to maximize their service life.
  • Early problem identification: Early detection of problems such as excessive discharge or harmful temperature and humidity conditions enables timely intervention.
  • Avoid constant charging: Constantly connecting the batteries to chargers can lead to overcharging and associated damage. Intelligent monitoring helps to maintain the ideal state of charge and eliminate the need for constant power supply.

Advantages of HOOTS remote battery monitoring

Proactive maintenance: Detection of problems before they lead to serious damage.

Extended battery life: Optimal charging cycles based on precise data reduce wear and tear.

Cost efficiency: Reduction of unnecessary expenditure through early problem solving and avoidance of overloading.

Ease of use: easy access to battery status and ambient conditions via app and cloud.

Data-driven decisions: Empirical data enables better decisions regarding maintenance and storage.

HOOTS remote battery monitoring thus represents a significant innovation that offers owners of classic and high-end vehicles considerable advantages by simplifying and optimizing the monitoring and maintenance of their vehicle batteries.

Information on the HOOTS BATTERY and HOOTS VOLTAGE products:
HOOTS VOLTAGE can be installed quickly using the quick-release clamps. As it is not permanently installed, it must be disconnected before driving off. HOOTS VOLTAGE shows all important battery values: voltage in volts, temperature, humidity.

HOOTS BATTERY is permanently installed and measures the power consumption in amperes in addition to the HOOTS VOLTAGE values. Depending on the battery installed or the space in the engine compartment, adapters may be necessary.

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