Die Lösung für die Sicherung von Oldtimern GPS Tracker

How can I protect my valued possession – GPS Tracker

According to statistics from the German Insurance Association (GDV), an average of two cars are stolen in Germany every hour.

Those figures are a concern for classic car owners. We’re talking here about the theft of modern vehicles equipped with modern technology. Unfortunately, our vintage classics were never fitted with much in the way of security systems at the factory. Some of them don’t even have a steering lock. This makes them an easy target for thieves.

We have seen for ourselves how vehicles can disappear without trace from underground car parks or classic car events. Pagode, W111, R107 or 190 SL – the model doesn’t matter. I’ll spare you the details of how it’s done – how quickly these thieves can hot-wire a car or even how they turn up as bold as brass with a bogus car transporter.

But what can you do about it? Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to keep their classic car close by, although having your car is in your own garage still doesn’t make it immune to theft. We have often felt uneasy parking a car out of direct sight, or in an unsupervised underground car park, or when laying it up for the winter. When your car is parked in a garage for the winter, how are you going to know it has been stolen unless you check it every day?

We have been dealing with this issue for a long time and have carried out lots of tests. Our customers also regularly tell us what lengths they have gone to to stop thieves making off with their vehicles. You can fit a deterrent like a sounder or an alarm system, but that involves a lot of work, time and trouble, not to mention expense. The problem with that particular solution is that there are too many false alarms. As a result, neighbours – and even the car owners themselves – tend not to take alarms too seriously. But what if the thief steals the car even when it has been fitted with an alarm system? The chances are slim that the car will ever be found. In our search for the perfect solution against theft, we knew that it would have to meet several criteria:

  • easy to install, and not require any drilling or cause damage to the bodywork
  • a self-contained wireless system that does not have to be removed, charged and reinstalled at regular intervals and that is not connected directly to the car’s electrical system
  • compact size, allowing it to be positioned in locations that are not within easy reach
  • app based – with access via a smartphone to see where the vehicle is located
  • motion detection and notification as soon as the vehicle is on the move, whether it is being pushed, short-circuited, being driven or carried on a transporter
  • multiple transmission frequencies for reporting the exact location of the vehicle (thieves can block or “jam” certain frequencies and transmission is not possible in steel containers, underground garages etc.), support from the police in locating the vehicle

We have now found a system that has convinced us of its merits and that is also practicable for everyday use. We only fit GPS trackers from Guard Systems to our own vehicles and those of our customers. We are now a Guard Systems cooperation partner and have concluded a special agreement with them with respect to service life. The GPS Tracker Spot Guard Motion is available directly from us. You can easily install it yourself, although we would also be happy to install it for you.

This tracker meets and exceeds all of the above criteria:

  • battery powered with a battery life of approximately four years and a battery status indicator on the app
  • no-drilling installation in the vehicle using hook-and-loop fasteners
  • 24/7 support and assistance from the Guard Systems Alarm Centre in the event of a theft
  • some insurance companies offer a reduction in the insurance premium when this tracker has been installed
  • operating temperature -20 to +65 degrees Celsius
  • user-programmable alarm
  • notification when entering or leaving a geo-zone
  • hardware is IP67 (water and dust proof)
  • for technical reasons (sleep mode), it is very difficult for thieves to detect the presence of the system using conventional equipment. Also, it cannot be deactivated by cutting the power supply to the vehicle or the device
  • the user can check the most recent position of the vehicle via the web portal. Web-based. The customer doesn’t have to install any software on their PC, although there is also an app for the smartphone

This small tracker (80x82x22mm) can save you a lot of heartaches and will help you feel more relaxed about your vehicle. Guard Systems claims a recovery rate of 95%, with most vehicles being recovered within 48 hours. Let’s hope that the worst never happens – but if it does, at least you’ll be prepared for it.

If you’d like more information, send us an email at [email protected], or simply order one from the shop: SHOP GPS Tracker