Tips & tricks on the topic of vehicle care

The care and maintenance of a classic car is a very important subject. Often, however, precisely these topics are neglected or not carried out properly at all.

Vehicle washing also plays an important role here – and for this reason we have put together a few tips & tricks for you:

The right sequence makes the difference:

First, we start with a pre-cleaning and spray the seals on the doors and trunk with a pre-cleaner and let the whole thing soak in briefly.

Then we start with the pre-cleaning of the entire vehicle. To do this, we spray the vehicle from top to bottom with a high-pressure cleaner at low pressure. Don’t forget the wheel housings – this is where stubborn dirt and grime always tends to accumulate.

In the next step we spray our vehicle with the help of a foam sprayer or a foam gun (- filled with water and a bit car shampoo). After we let everything act for a moment, the vehicle is sprayed again with the pressure washer from top to bottom.

Then we repeat the process once again and spray the vehicle with foam again. Before we wash everything off, we treat the vehicle once more directly and more precisely with the help of sponges. Here we proceed with a two-bucket principle: we use a bucket with clean water for the unused and clean sponges. After using the sponges, we throw them into the second bucket. Since we should never treat our vehicle with dirty or filthy sponges, in order to prevent scratches or damage to the paint, this is especially important to keep in mind.

When shampooing, make sure that you also do not forget the spaces in between, such as on the doors, the wipers or on the sills. For particularly detailed work, for example on the radiator grille, we recommend a brush.

If you want to bring it to perfection, you can also remove the hubcaps from your vehicle (if possible) and clean them underneath as well.

After the complete vehicle has been sprayed with water again and no residue from the shampoo has been left, we can start drying. For this, we use several large microfiber cloths and first roughly wipe the vehicle with the first cloth from top to bottom. As soon as one cloth is wet, it is exchanged for the next and the vehicle is now also dried in increasing detail. The gaps between the doors and seals are particularly important here.

After that, we take care of the rubber:

With the help of a rubber care stick, we first take care of the seals. This is applied to all areas, such as the trunk or the door frame. After a short period of time, a cloth can be used to wipe everything clean.

Last but not least, it’s the tires’ turn: Here, we first apply the tire care to a sponge and carefully rub it into the tires so that we don’t get to the freshly washed areas on the paint. With this we create a wonderful satin black shimmer on the tires.

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More little tips & tricks – also with regard to vehicle storage in winter:

After the vehicle is completely dry, we recommend – in good weather – in the best case to take another short drive of about 20 to 30 minutes, so that our classic car  is really dry from the inside and from the outside.

In the case of a convertible, the top should definitely be closed during storage to avoid unsightly pressure marks.

Another quick thing to do for winter storage is to put a rag in the exhaust pipe to ensure that no moisture gets into the vehicle and causes rusty spots.

In addition, the vehicle should be fully fuelled before it is put into storage in order to avoid rust in the tank here as well.