The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL as it should actually feel

For more than 45 years, we have been restoring, repairing, maintaining and servicing classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles with heart and mind, ensuring that these dream classic cars retain their charm and increase in value.

Our goal: Unlimited driving pleasure, lasting enjoyment of design and perfect engine technology.

Over the years, we have also developed a number of optimizations for the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL that have a positive effect on drivability, safety and everyday use.

Modern braking behavior, thanks to conversion to disc brakes

From years of experience, we know that almost every W121 driver has at least once found themselves in an unpleasant situation in modern road traffic due to its braking system. We have a solution for this: conversion of the disc brakes on the front axle. Installed many times in our company and approved by TÜV Süd.

A powerful sound, thanks to the exhaust system

If you want a sound upgrade, we can install an exhaust system.

Pleasant driving experience thanks to sporty chassis

For some people who also drive other makes of cars, the 190 SL feels spongy. We can give it a sportier suspension set-up, according to your own taste – with our sporty WALLNER Classic-suspension.

Smooth shifting thanks to the short shift movement

Our short shift movement provides up to 60 mm shorter travel from first to second gear. The gearshift is also much more precise. Fast and sporty shifting is now possible without any problems. In addition to sportiness, we focused on shifting comfort and maintaining the visual originality of our development. The special components we manufacture guarantee functionality and a true-to-original appearance.

“WALLNER Classic-racing engine”

For those who want to drive their 190 SL a little faster, we have developed an engine in our house. Not visible from the outside, the horsepower lies dormant on the inside. Unfortunately, it has been proven time and again on the test bench that the original factory specifications of 105 hp / 77 kW are not achieved with the conventional 121 921 190 SL engine. The true horsepower is usually between 86 and 89 hp. If you want a little more power here, we can build a motor on request. The next mountain stage can come!

Consistent ignition quality thanks to contactless ignition distributors

Our solution - contactless ignition distributor

Seven different ignition distributor models were installed for the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL. None of these are available any more. This can be remedied by a contactless ignition distributor that works contactlessly with a map. The adjustment range is exactly that of the original distributor. Assembly is simple. We have these contactless ignition distributors for 4- and 6-cylinder engines, so Ponton, Pagoda, Adenauer and many W111s can also be converted with them.

Goodbye jerking and heat problems, thanks to heat protection tape and electric auxiliary fan

Many customers call us when the first hot days arrive and complain about their Mercedes-Benz 190 SL stuttering or even stalling. A heat problem that we know only too well: Due to high temperatures in summer, traffic jams, etc., the water in the radiator expands to 90-95°C. The manifold radiates heat and this heat rises precisely on the underside of the carburetor. The gasoline in the float chamber of the carburetor is boiling. Fuel with air bubbles gets into the nozzles and the entire system can no longer work properly. We have had good experiences with the heat protection tape on the exhaust manifold and our specially designed additional fan. We have also been using the latter for many years. This automatically removes the heat from the engine compartment when the vehicle is stationary and on the move. It is not visible from the outside, only if you look inside the engine compartment in front of the radiator will you see it.

Starting without problems thanks to reinforced starter motor

The starter motor is a heavy worker in the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL. After a long standstill and when the engine is too hot, the starter motor has its hands full doing its job. We offer a reinforced starter motor with modern technology. Even though it’s a lot smaller, it has more power (1.4 kW) – something you will definitely benefit from. The new part is also out of sight, which is nice for those moments when you’re admiring the engine compartment and there are no “modern” parts on show to spoil the view.

Relaxed through the rain thanks to intermittent windshield wipers

You probably know it: You are always annoyed by the windshield wipers when you get caught in a drizzle. You always have one hand on the switch. It is tedious to drive this way for a long time. But you also don’t want to have an additional switch on the dashboard. It neither looks good nor is it original. The solution lies in a relay, switched with the windshield washer foot pump, which almost every W121 has at the top left next to the dimmer switch in the footwell. Further information can be found HERE.

More safety, thanks to seat belts

With modern road traffic and also the obligation to wear seat belts, the demand for safety also increased. Of course we are allowed to drive in a 190 SL without seat belts, just like back then. But one or the other feels uncomfortable and wants more safety for passenger and driver. For these reasons, we have been installing seat belts of various designs in our customers’ SLs for a long time. We have two variants: Lap belts or three-point belts with retrofitted head restraints.

Do you have any questions about our optimizations or would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you at any time!